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First Blog

Just started my new blog and decided to say hi. Its Super Bowl Sunday and just getting ready to watch the game in a few hours. Getting excited for all the incite and nowhow and how everyone wants to breakdown how they think who will win and who is the best and such but what i really think is the very best is the commercial to tell you the truth because of how much all these companys spend on thses things is mind boggling I mean they spend what like 3.5 million just for the time slot then god knows how much more just to produce them it is insane and for what just so we as consumers will watche them and so oh wow that was cool and then go back to watching the game and fill our mouths with chips and beer and tomorrow we will talk about how cool the commercials were and what our favorite one was and which one was the cutest and blah blah blah its so funny actually.

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